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case studies


blockchain development

building a gasless rwa platform

colony is a platform that allows users to mint nfts backed by real-world assets. we built out the smart contracts that allow for gasless transactions, which has been a game changer for the platform's adoption.

we also built out the backend and frontend infrastructure that supports the platform's transactions, including full account abstraction and fiat on/off ramps.

hello labs

blockchain development

creating a cross-chain bridge for hello labs

hello labs is the future of crypto and entertainment creating tv shows, games, nfts and much more. the ecosystem is built on the hello token allowing exclusive access to watch their shows and play their games. hello is available on both bnb and eth networks

we helped hello labs build a cross-chain bridge to allow their users to transfer assets between ethereum and binance smart chain with the ability to extend to other chains in the future as well as their vod platform.

saasy labs

blockchain development

building an omni-chain legal protocol

saasy labs is a legal tech company that's building an omni-chain legal protocol. they came to us with a vision to enable the creation, management, and execution of legal agreements on any blockchain.

we worked with saasy labs to create their v1 protocol contracts, backend, and the frontend for their joint pilot product with yuga labs - made by apes

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