our process - how we work

we have created a proprietary framework that allows us to customize our support to your specific needs. we don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach, simply because we think the details matter. to make this more relaxing for you, we will explain it as if you were building a sand castle on the beach.

the foundation

before you start building a sand castle, you need to have a comprehensive plan to ensure success. not every sand castle is the same, so we need to understand your vision as much as possible. this phase is where we do all our discovery and complete an in-depth assessment of your needs.

very often, we ask you questions and provide suggestions for things you haven't even considered. this is okay! we have built our fair share of sand castles so the more we collaborate in this phase, the better.

included in this phase

  • customer success questionnaire
  • prototyping
  • architecture
  • requirements
  • planning
  • technical workshops

the building

now, we let's start adding towers, castles, and bridges to our sand castle. the second phase is simply execution. we have dedicated team members provide around the clock updates around the latest development.

we don't just make sure the sand castle sticks together. we are always identifying ways to optimize without slowing down the process.

included in this phase

  • development
  • smart contracts
  • frontend
  • backend
  • optimization
  • collaboration

the delivery

before final delivery, we make sure everything is performing. this includes extensive testing, documentation, and general review of the product to ensure complete satisfaction. once that's completed, it's time to reveal our beautiful sand castle to the rest of the beach.

included in this phase

  • testing
  • quality assurance
  • documentation
  • security
  • debugging
  • deployment

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