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we embrace innovation because without it, we wouldn't exist.

normal is boring. we built the foundation of our company on doing things differently. our unique experiences have led us to working with some of the most innovative and successful companies all around the world.

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our values - Without values, we have no value.

strategy and process means nothing without values, which is why we champion three core principles every single day.

  • trust. we foster long-term relationships with our partners to set the necessary foundation required to build cool shit.
  • innovation. we believe that innovation drives progress, and we really don't feel like getting left behind.
  • passion. we empower our partners by fueling their passion and driving a relentless pursuit in excellence.


  • simon

    co-founder & cto

  • drew

    co-founder & ceo

  • gio

    co-founder & coo

  • nick

    vp, engineering

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at syntax, we're more than just a software development agency; we're pioneering the future of technology. With our innovative solutions, insightful perspectives, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we're proud to be recognized as thought leaders in the industry, shaping the digital landscape one breakthrough at a time.

creating a proxy factory using clones

we explore how to create a commercial grade proxy factory using clones.

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an idea for a decentralized intellectual property and licensing source

a decentralized intellectual property and licensing source that is open source and free to use.

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